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I'm happy you found me.

My name is Panic, Stress, Agoraphobia, Shortness of breath, Terror, Stress and Pain. I'm alone and no one sees my suffering. Who are you? You look like me is that why you are here?

My name could have been that. Ten years ago it was and with extensive research it is now Ali Khan, my birth name. Welcome to your journey back, it will be a remarkable one.

Personal Testimonial

I am a 39 year old male from London, England. In 2004, I began suffering crippling panic attacks. Since this diagnosis my life was turned into a roller coaster; one I desperately fought to get off of. I was very confused and scared. I was out of breath, confused, shaky, dizzy, and my heart was constantly pounding, I couldn't breathe then TERROR would strike. I was no longer Ali. My first thought was, “Am I having a heart attack?”

These are just some of the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks as I would find out eventually. Something or someone had taken over my body and I was terrified. Everyday activities became difficult including: eating, drinking, and sleeping. I was terrified to be alone and was sure I was going to die. It was crippling me. I was so alone. My mind was underwater and I was drowning, unable to enjoy life around me. No one understood and I was terrified beyond imagination to move from my surroundings. My mind wandered aimlessly. Where did I go, who had taken over?

I was convinced there was something terribly wrong with me. I was constantly shaking, breathless and felt like I was going to faint. My body tingled. My lips were blue and numb. Little things would bother me, like how am I going to go and get some food?  The thoughts were paralyzing and along with these feelings, I was made a prisoner in my own home.

Seeking A Solution

I decided I was not going to give up. I would not become a victim of my own living hell. I spent many an hour, many a day, praying and crying, asking for answers.

  • Why am I feeling like this?
  • What is happening to me?
  • Am I going to die?
  • Do I give up?

Does this sound familiar?

It took the doctors 2 months before they diagnosed me with stress related anxiety/agoraphobia. Since then I have been through many treatments, some of which were of a little help but they did not cure me. I was not willing to give up. I tried many different treatments to try to help myself. This journey took me through different types of therapies and treatments. I combined different ideas to finally discover a solution. This solution lets me live a normal life. It took 8 years of being scared of everything to finally being able to relax. I made my own CD's to help me and others release the stress and pain.

I found a solution

I would like to share this with everyone. You don't have to suffer alone as I did. You don't have to spend lots of money on different treatments to find what works. I know exactly what you’re going through as I have been there! As a result to the benefits to my own health, I feel a duty to share my secret to help everyone. I know not everyone can receive the help as I did or afford it.

Let go of stress and change your life to how YOU always WANTED it to be!!!!!

Infinite Love

The Journey Begins....

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